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By: Ernstfried Prade
197 pages, hardcover

The author, Ernstfried Prade has been interested in the phenomenon of water and energetics for many years.  This book explains the Penergetic technology uses energies inherent in nature to activate biological cycles.  Numerous factual reports and large-scale trials show the effectiveness of this method in a wide variety of uses and in a variety of countries around the world.  As the author states: “Penergetic is an innovative technology that offers an economical and ecological means of benefiting humans, animals and the environment.

Through this book, Mr. Prade shows how the Penergetic technology, by using a new method of information transfer that works without electricity or magnetism, is an entirely natural process that has an impressive effect – mainly on microorganisms.  Although Penergetic preparations have been in worldwide use for many years, now for the first time, this book presents a rich diversity of results that have been achieved with Penergetic products in agriculture and commercial/industrial setting as well as by individuals.  The book presents a broad cross section of positive results – including increased yield in crop production, the resolution of manure management issues and impressive examples of water vitalization and the cleansing of water bodies.

This book will particularly appeal to persons seeking to learn more about sustainable approaches to agriculture and water management as well as those wanting to develop greater familiarity with the penergetic system.

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Humus as the Guardian of the Fundamentals of Natural Life

By: Erhard Hennig
202 pages, paperback

This stimulating book provides comprehensive and highly practical insights into the interdependent relationship between soil, plants, animals and human beings.  Recognizing that human health is largely dependent on nourishment derived from the soil, the author spends time describing the lack of nutrients and microorganisms in the soil today, reveals sources of soil and groundwater pollution and points out the tragic implications for mankind if current trends are not reversed.

Hennig’s remedies to this situation, derived from over six decades of experience, address all aspects of fertile soil: microorganisms, microbes, soil nutrients and minerals as well as the importance of compost and humus formation to the health of the soil.  The author discusses the basics of soil science for professionals, yet also makes it easily understandable for others outside the fields of agriculture or gardening to discover effective means of increasing the fertility of arable land.

About the author: Erhard Hennig is recognized as one of the “giants” in terms of lecturing and writing books on the importance of fertile soil as part of a cycle which contributes to overall health and sustainability.  For over 50 years he shared his knowledge all over the German-speaking countries about the life forms concealed in the soil and humus development – even in the face of a powerful scientific community which was determined not to understand or accept his work.  Now, his work is widely regarded.  Even as the terms “ecology” and “sustainability” have become more commonly used (and misused) in society, Henning’s work, such as through this book, foretell means of averting perhaps the greatest ecological crisis of all – the decline of soil fertility and reduction in water quality.
* The title of the original German edition is: Geheimnisse der fruchtbaren Böden.

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A book about the phenomenal elixir of life and its revitalization

Author: Gottfried Hilscher
48 pages, paperback

Water is the element that connects everything and consequently it is correctly described as the “elixir of life”.  Approximately seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water; the human body is 60-70% water and human blood and the brain are both comprised of 90% water.  Water is vital for all life on earth, making it perhaps the single most important feature responsible for our survival here on earth.

This book examines a multiplicity of topics related to water, including: identifying some of its unique characteristics; revealing waters ability to act as an carrier of information (both beneficial and harmful), discusses the importance of and key characteristics of healthful drinking water and describes means thorough which water can be vitalized.  The author also shares his insights with the reader as to how the AquaKat, which uses Penergetic technology, is able to play a role in enhancing the quality of water for a diversity of uses.

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Penergetic k (general) brochure

PDF 492 KB - 4 page brochure

Manure Management for Poultry

PDF 3.4 MB - 2 page flyer

Penergetic k Method of Application

PDF 22 KB - 2 page flyer

Compost Test – with and without Penergetic k

PDF 45 KB - study results

Humus and Compost


Manure Management

Penergetic g brochure (for dairy operations)

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Penergetic g brochure (for hog operations)

PDF 800 KB - 4 page brochure

Manure Management Made Easy (for dairy operations)

PDF 451 KB - 2 page flyer

Decomposition and putrefaction – the great adversaries

PDF 21 KB - comparison table

Treating Liquid Manure with Penergetic g

PDF 451 KB - article

User Application Report – Ramseyer Dairy Farm, Switzerland

PDF 128 KB - case study

Farm Manure Management Calculator (FMMC)

MS Word 2.3 MB

Water Rehabilitation

Penergetic w (general) brochure

PDF 4.3 MB - 4 page brochure

An Introduction to Water Remediation

PDF 39 KB - article

Garden Pond Remediation

PDF 190 KB - article

Trout Pond Rehabilitation

PDF 33 KB - article

Pond / Dugout Calculator

MS Word 30 KB

Water Vitalization

AquaKat brochure

PDF 750 KB - 4 page brochure

A New Perspective on Water

PDF 1.1 MB - AquaKat Review by German Plumbing Journal

Life Cycles Connected to Water

PDF 136 KB - article by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwid, PhD

AquaKat and Tap Screens


AquaKat – Frequently Asked Questions


Penergetic Technology

Penergetic Technology Booklet

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