Penergetic Products for Agriculture

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(soil activation & dry manure/compost activator) promotes an accelerated aerobic process in compost, field residue and barns and stables. In dry manure and other compostable materials it facilitates a more complete and balanced decomposition process, reduces composting time and produces nutrient rich humus as an end product. Field application of penergetic k is beneficial for soil fertility, texture and formation as it stimulates the breakdown of plant residue, activates soil micro-organisms and helps to convert fixed nutrients in the soil to a more plant available form. Application to litter in poultry barns or bedding in horse or livestock stalls acts to reduce ammonia odour, moderates the incidence of pathogens and supports the decomposition of soiled litter or bedding material.

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(optimal slurry/liquid treatment) used in the barn and/or storage lagoon controls unpleasant odours, creates a homogenous, more hygienic slurry, addresses unwanted surface crust and sediment layers, reduces manure management operating costs and helps to maximize nutrient retention in the manure for re-application to soil and plants. Penergetic g also protects the environment by limiting the likelihood of volatilization of ammonia (to the atmosphere) and leaching of nutrients into the water supply.

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(for plants) By fortifying and supporting the growth of plants a reliance on chemical fertilizers can be reduced. When plants’ productive capacity and natural defences are stimulated, crops remain healthy, are better able to resist disease, insects and drought and the cost of farm inputs can be reduced – thereby supporting sustainable agro-ecological production systems.

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(for animals) calcium carbonate. Calcium content >38%

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(Make Premixing Easy and Fast) Ideal for mixing penergetic k and penergetic p ULTRA (powder) quickly and evenly.  Can also be used to premix other dry powders.

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Penergetic Products for Water

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(water remediation) is used to improve the condition and quality of on-farm water sources. Penergetic w (for surface water) stabilizes the natural ecological equilibrium in a pond or dugout and improves water quality and clarity. Penergetic w (for mud reduction) works to activate pond microorganisms, reduce the build-up of organic matter, and increase the aesthetic appearance of aquatic features. Penergetic w (for ground water) can be used in wells or cisterns to improve the quality and taste of drinking water (and can be used in conjunction with the AquaKat)

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(water vitalization) is be used to address household and on-farm water quality issues – including the build-up of lime, iron-oxide and other mineral substances. The AquaKat can be used to improve the quality of animals’ drinking water. Whereas, in the case of poultry, it has been shown to prevent or overcome incidences of necrotic enteritis. Field trials use has demonstrated that the AquaKat attached to a sprayer may increase the effectiveness of chemical inputs (e.g. herbicide desiccation time can be reduced) and when AquaKat treated water is used in a composting operation composting time is shortened.

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