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  • Poultry
  • Pigs
  • Dairy Cows/cattle
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Other animals


Penergetic t is OMRI listed so is suitable for use in organic and transitional farming as well as in conventional farming operations.


INGREDIENT:  Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

Not less than 38.00% calcium.


Penergetic t can be added to the animals’ fodder or mixed into their drinking water or salt/trace minerals supplement.


Application in case penergetic t cannot be mixed dry into the fodder

Mix penergetic t in the recommended amount with plenty of water in a watering can and leave it for a time (optimal is over night).  Before use, stir it again and pour the mix over the fodder or silage.


General Specifications

Animal species Dosage
dairy cows and cattle 3 – 5 g per day per livestock unit (LSU) 1 Cow = 1 LSU)
Pigs 20 – 50 g per ton with wet fodder or 50g per ton dry fodder
poultry 50 – 100 g per ton fodder
Horses average 3 – 5 g per day (1 g per 100 kg)
sheep 1 g per day and LSU (1 adult sheep is 0.1 LSU)
small animals 1 –  3 g per week

More Specific Dosage Information

Penergetic t for poultry

Poultry First Application Following Applications
Broilers 30 – 50 g/ton of feed for the first week 50 – 100 g/ton of feed
Laying Hens 20 – 40 g/ton of feed for the first four weeks 50 – 100 g/ton of feed after the fourth week
Turkeys 30 – 50 g/ton of feed for the first three weeks 50 – 100 g/ton of feed after the third week


Pastured Animals

For grass fed animals that remain on pasture or the range, Penergetic t may be added to water supply or to salt/trace minerals.


Penergetic t for cows

To be dissolved in 500 ml clean water

Penergetic t for cows 3 - 5 grams per day


Penergetic t for calves and piglets

Penergetic t for Calves 2 g per day 2 to 3 times per day 2 g per day once per day
Penergetic t for Piglets 2 g twice daily 20 g/ton liquid feed  or 50 g/ton dry feed



The AquaKat can be used to enhance the quality of animals’ drinking water.



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OMRI Product Registration (penergetic t)

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