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Make Premixing Easy and Fast

  • compact
  • light weight
  • water in
  • premix out

Ideal for mixing penergetic k and penergetic p ULTRA (powder) quickly and evenly.

[Can also be used to premix other dry powders.]



works in combo with a chem handler (by sending mixed powder to the handler) or can be used as a stand alone unit – sending batch mixed product to the sprayer tank.

  • Free standing unit with metal bracket and base
  • Easy rinse out / clean up after use
  • Tank calibration in US Gallons


  • Tank Sizes: 30 USG (115 l.) or 60 USG (230 l.)
  • Fittings/hose sizes: 2" or 3"
  • Available with or without pump/motor

* Inquire about optional accessories


Combination of recirculation pump, cone-shaped tank, PVC plumbing fittings, valves and camlocks ensures ease of use. Batch mix dry powder in less time than it takes to fill the sprayer tank. Save time with no product wasted.

1. Turn valve for water - fill to desired level.
2. Turn valves to premix - add product.
3. When mixed turn valves to pump to chem handler tank (or direct to sprayer tank).
4. Repeat for more batches.
5. Turn valve for water to rinse.

If there is head pressure on incoming water, valves can be turned on to fill premix tank without starting premix pump. If no head pressure water can be pumped in by premix pump. Has bypass valve for pump unloading.

Uses camlock couplers for quick assembly + disassembly for hook up / cleaning / shipping / storage + repairs.


View the live demo of the penergetic premixer:

Whereas, the following is a demonstration video showing the steps in the premixing process:

Mixing Penergetic k and p in Advance

Penergetic k or p wettable powders may be batch mixed in the Penergetic Premixer ahead of time and then stored in closed containers (e.g. 5 gallon / 18.6 litre buckets) until ready to use for field spray application.

Premixed as much as three (3) months or longer, in advance, the premixed penergetic k or p / water mixture can simply be stirred, such as with a clean paint stick, for about 1.0 minute. Stirring quickly converts the mixture to a creamy solution ready for further dilution with water in a sprayer tank down to an acceptable spray application rate. [See the set of photos attached below, called Remixing Pictorial, which illustrates how easily this, now, solubilized wettable powder is ready to use.]

Mixing Penergetic k and p when Penergetic Premixer not used

As an alternative to using the Penergetic Premixer, it is possible to mix penergetic k and p in a chem handler, usually by shutting of the valve that goes from the chem handler to the spray tank and allowing the penergetic wettable powder and water to circulate fully until moves fully into suspension (with no lumps). At that point, it can be passed into the sprayer tank.

Alternatively, for smaller jobs, it is possible to mix penergetic k and p powders in a 5 gallon bucket or similar container using a paint mixer on a variable speed drill as the means of thoroughly mixing the product in water. [Note: it is insufficient to simply mix the powder with a stir stick – as the minute particles that characterize penergetic k and p have a slight static charge which will cause them to bind together even in water, yet this bond will be shattered when agitated with a paint mixer, through using a chem handler or using the Penergetic Premixer – specifically designed for this purpose.

See picture attached titled: "Selecting a Paint Mixer", which shows what we mean by a "paint mixer".


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For more information on penergetic p the following downloads are available:

Penergetic Premixer Brochure

PDF 257 KB - 4 page brochure

Remixing Pictorial


Selecting a Paint Mixer