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(soil activation & dry manure/compost activator)

Soil Activator - build better humus

By working with the biological processes in nature, Penergetic k stimulates the microorganisms in soil, compost and manure.

  • promotes healthy fertile soil
  • stabilizes the decomposition process
  • strengthens the soil food web
  • reduces the need for fertilizer and farm chemicals

“Penergetic k works with the biological processes in nature to stimulate the microogranisms in the soil”

Penergetic k can be used for three different purposes:

  • In Fields: accelerates the decomposition process of field residue, activates soil micro- organisms and assists in releasing fixed nutrients locked in organic and mineral soil layers

  • For Dry Manure and Compost: stimulates an accelerated aerobic decomposition proecess, reduces odour and other nuisances and produces a nutrient rich humus

  • On Poultry Litter, Stables and Livestock Bedding:  
    acts as a conditioner to improve the barn environment by reducing ammonia and insects, supporting disease suppression and decomposing poultry/livestock fecal matter and litter/bedding

* Penergetic k is OMRI-listed so is suitable for organic,
transitional and conventional methods of agriculture. 
Penergetic k is somewhat unique among the Penergetic products in that, unlike the other products, with penergetic k a higher application rate produces a bigger effect (especially in composting and barns/stables usages).



A)  Soil Treatment

  • Conditions the soil to support the development of healthy plants
  • Creates the conditions for better root growth and increased root exploration capacity
  • Nurtures the soil food web and stimulates the activity of soil micro-organisms
  • Increases soil’s water absorption capacity and resistance to drought conditions
  • Supports the release of fixed soil nutrients thereby aiding soil fertility

* Can be used in conjunction with penergetic p.

B)  Composting

  • Activates accelerated composting by an aerobic process
  • Suitable for composting solid manure and plant matter
  • Reduces insect pest problems and odours associated
    with composting
  • Limits loss of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen) during composting process
  • Promotes elimination of weed seeds and pathogenic organisms
  • Produces more homogeneously consistent nutrient rich humus
  • Encourages propagation of healthy soil fungi and
    curtailment of detrimental fungi
  • Proven and cost effective approach to composting
  • Supports more thorough breakdown of manure,
    prevents nutrient overload on fields

C)  Barns and Stables

  • Reduces flies, ammonia and other odours in poultry barns and livestock stalls
  • Helps control pathogens and contagion of disease (i.e. poultry barns)
  • Starts composting process in soiled poultry litter / livestock bedding



Penergetic k uses a proprietary process to infuse information from essential minerals, herbs and other elements vital to soil health, aerobic processes, decomposition and root growth into a carrier medium.

CARRIER Medium (three forms): Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite or Molasses

A) Soil Treatment / Field Application

  • Can be applied on its own or in combination with other applications (e.g. fertilizer, herbicides, etc.)
  • Alternatively, can be mixed and spread with slurry or compost (should be mixed in same day applied)
  • Dry application: use calcium carbonate or bentonite
  • Spray application: use extra fine bentonite (as a wettable powder) – better particle suspension
  • Can be applied prior to planting, at seeding time (i.e. side or bottom banding), pre-harvest or post harvest

Note:  Before putting penergetic k in the sprayer, pre-mix with water in a bucket or
container to ensure better homogeneity.  Before use, read and follow spray

(Recommended) Rate of Application
(based on one spray application per crop)**:

Cereal Crops/Corn/Soybeans
Oil Seed Crops (e.g. canola, flax)
Pulse (lentils, beans, peas)
Hay, forage
250 grams / ha
250 grams / ha
250 – 300 grams / ha
200 – 250 grams / ha
600 grams / ha
100 grams / acre
100 grams / acre
100 - 120 grams / acre
  80 - 100 grams / acre
240 grams / acre

** Note: For first time ever applied on a field, at operator’s discretion, the rate of application can be increased (by up to double standard rate).  In subsequent years, the standard application rate would apply.

≈ When Penergetic p is also to be applied on the same crop, consider allowing
15 days between the application of penergetic k and the application of penergetic p≈

B) In Compost and Solid Manure

Application Rate: 40 – 80 grams of penergetic k per m³ of manure or compost.
Note: the higher the rate of application the more accelerated the composting process.


Premix penergetic k with rock meal, sawdust or similar substances.
This permits uniform and accurate application.


Stir penergetic k into water and leave for awhile.
Re-stir and apply evenly with a watering can or spray applicator.

Apply penergetic k evenly to the compost layers. When existing heaps are no longer to be turned, poke several holes into the heap and pour Penergetic k into these holes.

Penergetic k can also be applied (dry or wet) while turning the compost piles or windrows.

For maximum effectiveness follow good composting practices, including monitoring temperature, regularly turning the pile or windrows, covering with breathable fleece to regulate moisture (in and out) and prevent weed seeds from infesting compost.


C) In Barns and Stables

In poultry barns spray penergetic k (4 – 7 g/m²) on litter and walls prior to introducing birds.  Alternatively, it may be applied dry and/or mixed with litter prior to being spread in the barn.

For stables and livestock stalls apply penergetic k (4 g/m²) to the stable floor or bedding after mucking out.  Repeat this procedure each time after more bedding (straw or sawdust) is added.


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For more information on penergetic k the following downloads are available:

Penergetic k (general) brochure

PDF 492 KB - 4 page brochure

Manure Management for Poultry

PDF 445 KB - 2 page flyer

Penergetic k Method of Application

PDF 22 KB - 2 page flyer

Compost Test – with and without Penergetic k

PDF 45 KB - study results

Humus and Compost


OMRI Product Registration (penergetic k)

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