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Soil Fertility Dilemma
With fertilizer prices remaining high, farmers around the world are dramatically cutting back on fertilizer use and are looking more seriously at other alternatives to maintain yields. read more ...


Bottled water versus tap water
Increasingly the battle lines are being drawn between bottled water and tap water along issues of quality and environmental impact. Local governments are getting in on the act, as demonstrated by the City of Vancouver’s recently imposed ban on bottled water on city property. read more ...


To inject or not to inject (manure that is)
In some jurisdictions there is a prevailing belief that liquid (and even solid) manure should be injected or incorporated into the soil at the time of field application. Yet, some findings including University of Saskatchewan research questions the validity of that claim. read more ...


Not all manure is created equal

Be it liquid manure from a hog or dairy farm, solid manure from a cattle feedlot or litter from a poultry operation, there can be dramatic differences in the quality of nutrients in the manure, its beneficial characteristics for soil and crops and its impact on neighbours and the environment. read more...


top Presentations at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show

(EVRAZ Place, Regina, SK)

A Sustainable Approach to Crop Production

Discover how farmers in Europe and around the world are producing healthy, high yielding crops while economizing on fertilizer and other farm inputs. Extensive use in other jurisdictions has demonstrated how to increase yield and crop quality while reducing fertilizer use by 20-30%. Learn how easy it is to incorporate this management approach into your farm program. Through a review of case studies, discover how it is possible to unlock more soil nutrients, support improved plant uptake, increase resistance to pests and drought conditions and much more. Note: Suitable for conventional, transitional and organic farmers (OMRI-listed).

Presented by: Penergetic Canada – Derek Pratt, B.E.S, M.B.A.

Water – Improving the Quality of a Vital Resource

Saskatchewan’s semi-arid climate makes water availability the major limiting factor to agricultural production.  Groundwater wells frequently produce water of a substandard quality.  Similarly, dugouts and ponds are often characterized by poor water quality (including algae) making them unfit for livestock, spraying or domestic use.  Discover how technology from Europe can enable you to address water issues on your farm and in your home.  Water supply issues such as taste, lime and iron in your water can be addressed, sprayer efficiency optimized and domestic & your farm water source made healthier and more acceptable for livestock and humans consumption.  Learn how ponds/dugout water can be naturally stabilized and the quality of groundwater improved.

Presented by: Penergetic Canada – Derek Pratt, B.E.S, M.B.A., Cert Ag

topNorth American Trade Shows 2017

Visit us at the following trade shows:

Western Canadian Crop Production Show

Prairieland Park
January 17th thru 19th 2017

Manitoba Ag Days

Keystone Centre Brandon, MB
January 19th thru 21th 2017

Pacific Agriculture Show

Abbotsford Tradex
Abbotsford, BC
January 26th thru 28th 2017

London Dairy Congress

London ON
Feb 8th - Feb 9th 2017

World Ag Expo t

Tulare California
Feb 14th to Feb 16th 2017

MOSES Organic Farm Conference

La Crosse WI
Feb 23th to Feb 25th 2017

International Potato Technology

Charlottetown PEI
Feb 2018

Ag Expo

Lethbridge AB
Mar 1st –Mar 3rd 2017

WC Dairy Seminar

Red Deer AB
Mar 7th - Mar 10th 2017

Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show

Moncton NB
Mar 9th to Mar 11th 2017

Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Ottawa ON
March 14th - March 16th 2017

WPS Farm Show

Oshkosh WI 
Mar 28 to Mar 30th 2017

Central Plains Dairy Expo

Sioux Falls SD
March 29th to March 30th 2017

Canadian Dairy XPO - CDX

Stratford ON  
Apr 5th and Apr 6th 2017

Western Canada Farm Progress Show

Evraz Place    Regina, SK 
June 21th thru 23th 2017

Agri Expo

Grand Falls NB 
Jul 2018 

Ag in Motion

Saskatoon SK
Jul 18th to Jul 20th 2017

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

Woodstock ON
Sept 12 to 14  2017

World Dairy Expo

Madison WI
Oct 3rd to Oct 7th 2017

Organic Connections

Nov 2018

Farming Smarter

Medicine Hat, AB 
December 2017