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Penergetic products heal and support weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. They do not just deal with symptoms, but go right to the root cause of the problem. Lasting stability can only be provided by healing our environment in its entirety.

Sustainable Agriculture
Creating a Better Way

Sustainable agriculture, biological farming and holistic agriculture are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that takes into account the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals in a closed-loop system of nourishment. Sustainable agriculture seeks to “sustain” economic viability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

Penergetic products embody these same principles of sustainability.  By taking a holistic approach to agriculture, farm manure is optimized, soil fertility is strengthened, animal health is naturally supported and plants are fortified.  read more ...


Water Vitalization | Water Remediation
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News & Information

Soil Fertility Dilemma
With fertilizer prices remaining high, farmers around the world are dramatically cutting back on fertilizer use and are looking more seriously at other alternatives to maintain yields. read more ...

Bottled water versus tap water
Increasingly the battle lines are being drawn between bottled water and tap water along issues of quality and environmental impact. Local governments are getting in on the act, as demonstrated by the City of Vancouver’s recently imposed ban on bottled water on city property. read more ...

To inject or not to inject (manure that is)
In some jurisdictions there is a prevailing belief that liquid (and even solid) manure should be injected or incorporated into the soil at the time of field application. Yet, some findings including University of Saskatchewan research questions the validity of that claim. read more ...